COVID-19 Resources:

Multi-lingual resources: Support the efforts of health care providers and advocates in your community to increase access to current, accurate, and place-specific health information on COVID-19. Be sure to contact the Settlement Organizations in your area to find out about place-specific resources. Please contact OJNN at to add new resources to the list.

COVID-19 Health Information:

Mental health resources during COVID-19:

COVID-19 and newcomers in Canada – benefits, access to healthcare, advocacy:

Parenting and Caregivers:

Benefits, Employment and Work during COVID-19:



Check out the links below for lists of resources according to the following topic areas:

Support for OT Advocacy Work & Occupational Justice:


  • Relevant OT Now (CAOT’s practice magazine) advocacy articles:

Information about Healthcare for Newcomers (in Canada):

Academic Literature:

Current Updates on Refugee-Related Social & Policy Issues:


In Canada:

  • We recommend the Canadian Council for Refugees’ web page titled: ‘Refugee and immigration issues in Canadian media, which features a continually updated list of recent news headlines and articles listed by date, providing an overview of the national public dialogue on relevant issues.