Newcomer Mental Health

Training Opportunity:

Immigrant and Refugee Mental Health Course, provided through through CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health). This is a 6-week online course offered free to those in Canada and outside of Quebec.

Description Summary:

“The Immigrant and Refugee Mental Health Project’s online course is a free, self-directed training that will offer a comprehensive overview of immigrant and refugee mental health, focusing on subgroups at risks. It will provide in-depth discussion on how context and culture influence mental health and mental illness, as well as providing sample tools and resources for use in various practice settings, and offering evidence-based strategies and interventions to help you provide better services and supports to different immigrant and refugee populations. You will find practical examples of promising and innovative practices effective in improving outcomes for different groups of immigrants and refugees.

The course is designed to provide a uniquely interactive learning experience where you can consult with experts in the field, share ideas and experiences with hundreds of service providers from all over Canada, and learn strategies you would use on-the-job. Using, online learning technology, the course will offer a balance of background information, current research evidence, practical information and video demonstrations.

Two streams of the online course will be offered: (1) settlement and social service providers stream (2) health service providers stream.”

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